Tasty Hot is exactly that!

Pitmaster Marc Cardinali has created it TASTY before HOT so you can “Spike to Taste” with a trickle, tickle or a kick to bring your favorite foods to the next level! Your taste buds will not be overwhelmed with heat but instead be enriched with flavor.

Tasty Hot can be used in a number of ways! Add Tasty Hot to enhance your favorite rubs and sauces or add it directly to your favorite dishes like stir fry, stew, chili, soup, eggs, mac & cheese, popcorn, dips, aioli, salsa or anything else. Of course you can also use Tasty Hot to prepare poultry, beef, pork, lamb, wild game, sausage making, fish, seafood, fried batter & breading and vegetables for cooking. Tasty Hot is the ingredient that will make your food creations sing to your taste buds.

Cluck And Squeal BBQ Seasonings and BBQ Rubs.

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