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Predominantly designed for pork and chicken, my customers rave they also love it on lamb, turkey, beef, wild game, fish, and seafood. Don’t make the mistake of limiting this seasoning to just meats. Go ahead and pair it with stews, soups, pasta, dips, spreads, vegetables and even fruits. Get adventurous and use it when frying, grilling, braising, broiling, roasting, smoking, and baking.

Developed for and inspired by many different nationalities this seasoning is savoured by all. In a recent unveiling at an elite Toronto steakhouse my All Purpose Seasoning and BBQ Rub was applied to a low and slow pulled pork shoulder roast. While far more expensive fare was left sitting on the serving platters, mine was left empty. Make it a staple and it’ll be a favourite in your kitchen.

*For large order (18 or more) Please contact us directly for bulk pricing.

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