Cluck and Squeal's pitmaster Marc Cardinali first created #BOLDBROWNING to provide the perfect flavour and texture profile for beef and sea food. He took it to the BBQ Heartland of Texas and over the course of the season one theme was a constant in all the feedback received. This was a great seasoning not only for beef steaks and ribs but chicken, pork, seafood, corn on the cobb, and dipping sauces. The list was endless! Cooking methods such as high heat grilling, pan searing, roasting, broiling, and low & slow BBQ all produce this seasoning's prized crusting effect and allow it to shine. Enjoy! 

For a 1" - 1.5" steak, apply the Bold Browning rub generously. Allow 30 minutes for the seasoning to fully penetrate and flavour the meat.  I recommend searing the meat for best results. 

*For large order (18 or more) Please contact us directly for bulk pricing.

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