Cluck & Squeal founder Marc Cardinali

PitMaster Marc Cardinali

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada by a family of passionate Italian cooks who love authentic cultural cooking Marc grew up observing his parents and grandparents and learning what it means to live and eat by the seasons.

His Mother’s creativity in the kitchen along with his Father’s hands on hobby of raising organic livestock served as the foundation for Marc’s future success.  The art of porchetta, cured meats and organic lamb are just a few of the specialties the locals know the elder Cardinali for. The traditions continued with Marc’s grandmother whose renowned sauces he was so lucky to have assisted in creating.

At age 17 Marc began his own journey of culinary creation, inspired by the oldest of traditional cooking arts, fire. Beginning with simple wood fire cooking a local bakery making pizza’s and progressing all the way to extreme fire cooking as a Pizzaiolo Marc fell in love with hot embers and turned to barbecue.

Marc barbecued everyday for months that turned into years. He cooked so often by fire most if not all of his clothes have the aroma of the flavour woods he uses. If he listens closely Marc often swears he hears the hot coals whispering to him. He was so attuned that it became normal to wake up through the night when a cook was on without any alarm clock, just knowing that the fire needing tending as if it called to him.

Marc’s passion to create a seasoning that would be a family and friends crowd pleaser at his backyard parties got noticed by his friend Nick Di Carlo at a barbecue festival. Nick smelled the aroma of an 18 hour smoked pork butt and was drawn to it. When Nick asked Marc if he could make the seasoning responsible for that aroma in volume something beautiful had been created and Marc never looked back. Cluck & Squeal was born. By the next spring when the rub was launched the entire store supply was gone in 5 hours. After a pilgrimage to the spiritual center of southern barbeque cuisine in South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas Marc began training with some of the finest Pitmasters in the barbequing world. Under their tutelage Marc honed his skills and the resultant philosophy is to include abundant authentic ingredients and to leave out the typically excessive levels of salt and filler.

Now Cluck & Squeal is an award winning barbecue product Ingredient in Canada and the USA and has been embraced by celebrity chefs from around the globe. Born over fire and tested with every cooking method used in kitchens and backyards across the continent Cluck and Squeal continues to impress new chefs every day from the gourmet to the simple everyday family style dishes that leave everyone satisfied.