Cluck & Squeal Italian Meatlovers PIzza with Tasty Hot

Homemade thin crust pizza, topped off with two types of Fior Di Latte (semi-soft fresh cheese, Italian style mozzarella), cacciatore sausage (cured pork sausage), pancetta (cured Italian bacon) A must make for meat lover's.


  1. Prep all ingredients 
  2. Spread out pizza dough to prepare for toppings
  3. Spoon on TASTY HOT Butter and spread with evenly with a brush
  4. Add your Pomodoro Sauce 
  5. Spread out the Roasted Sweet Red Peppers and sautéed Whisky Red Onions
  6. Add cheese - I used grated Brick cheese and cubed Fior Di Latte (semi-soft fresh cheese, Italian style mozzarella) 
  7. Add your cacciatore sausage (cured pork sausage), pancetta (cured Italian bacon) 
  8. Bake the pizza at your preferred temperature for texture (hotter = softer, medium to low temps usually a crispier result) 
  9. Dress the oven hot pizza immediately with thinly sliced Prosciutto which will soften and wilt because of the heat coming from the pizza. 
  10.  Drizzle and bless with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 


PIZZA - when making a pizza spread the TASTY HOT butter as your 1st ingredient, a TASTY HOT Butter base.  Then continue with adding your tomato sauce and spread on top and incorporate them together. Add your favorite toppings and ENJOY! 

RIBS – foil wrapping ribs seems too be the norm these days for Pitmasters. Now elevate your ribs with TASTY HOT Butter when you foil wrap your ribs to tenderness. 

PASTA, RICE or STIR FRYS - Many chefs use Hot Sauces that have vinegars or preservatives to pasta, rice or stir fry dishes, this can leave the dish with an acidic after taste.  TASTY HOT Butter is the answer and a better alternative for incorporating flavour to richen spicy dishes.

SIMPLY – make ahead of time and store in your fridge and use in place of regular butter, that is…. if you like it TASTY HOT!

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