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Cluck & Squeal would like to thank everyone who made it out Thursday April 22nd to Stock In Trade's BBQ Class.  It was a great night and some good knowledge was exchanged.  I seem to always learn something new when hanging out with Jason and the Stock In Trade crew.  #StockInTradeTO

For the class Cluck and Squeal prepared two items to sample. The first was C&S Ribs using our Rib Formula Rub and the second was chicken legs and thighs using the famous All Purpose Rub.  Each item is simple and easy to prepare and when cooked over fire or on a BBQ they are sure to please. For this cook our items were cooked on a Large Big Green Egg smoker with red wine soaked peach chips. Below is a list of the steps in preparing the items for you to follow.


Preparing the smoker.

1. For best results on longer smokes, we like to start with a clean smoker.  All old burnt coals and ash are removed.

2. Starting the coals, using a small amount of coals place them in a chimney starter.  Be sure there are both larger chunks and smaller ones inside the starter. Using a blow torch (or any method you like to use) slowly heat the coals through the bottom of the chimney starter. After a few minutes you should have the bottoms coals hot and start to see a small amount of smoke coming from the starter. Place the starter on the ground and allow them to heat up further for another 5 minutes.

2. Once the coals in the Chimney Starter are hot dump them into the bottom of the smoker.

3. Build your first smoking layer. Place a small amount of both large and small chunks of coal and smoking chips on top of the hot coals. We like to add in a third of the total amount of coals we will need for our smoke.

4. Build your second smoking layer.  Slowly dump a third of the coals to be used on top of the first smoking layer, be sure to use both large and small chunks of coal. When the first layer has been covered place another small amount of chips on top of the coals.  In our cook we used both Peach Tree chips and Peach Tree chunks soaked in red wine.

5. Build your final layer.  Slowly dump another third of the coals to be used on top of the second smoking layer covering all of the chips and chunks. Place the place setter in the smoker (Big Green Egg used here) and grill. Close the cover and open the top vent all the way as well as the bottom door. This will allow plenty of air through the smoker and get up to the desired temperature.  

6.  Once the temperature gets within about 10-15 degrees of your target temperature, we then close the top and bottom vents to a barely open configuration. Time will vary depending on the size and configuration of your smoker it is best to practice to find out what works for you and your smoker, but on the Large Big Green Egg we find this an effective approach.

7. Allow smoker to settle into desired temperature and smoke coming through top vent should turn more white.  We usually like to wait 10 - 15 minutes before adding any item we are about to smoke.


Prepare Cluck and Squeal Maple Syrup glazed Ribs.

1.  Take your ribs and place them on a chopping block. Here you can flip them over with back side up and remove the silver backs.  Removing the silver backs is a personal preference, some people like to while other do not.  We like to leave this up to the cooks imagination on how they would like their ribs to be. Generously coat both side of the ribs with Cluck & Squeal Low Salt Rib Formula, again this is personal preference so use as much or as little as desired.  Once ribs are coated wrap in plastic-wrap and place in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook. You can allow the ribs to marinade from 20 minutes to several hours.for this smoke we rubbed our ribs the night prior to cook.


2. Prepare a spray or spritz for your ribs.  This mixture will also be placed in a small pan on the place setter of the smoker to help keep our ribs moist and from drying out over the cook.  For our ribs we prepared a spritz using:

2 cups Water,

2 lemon wedges

1/2 cup Apple Cider

1 ounce / shot of Bourbon


3. Bring smoker temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Once temperature is reached place ribs in smoker and allow to cook for 1 hour uninterrupted, do not open the cover of your smoker unless absolutely necessary. 

4. Open cover after the first hour is complete open your smoker and gently mist your ribs with the prepared spritz. At this point you should start to see a slight charring of the rib ends.

5. Every 30 minutes we opened the cover and gently misted the ribs. After about 2.5 hours we insert our temperature gauge into the ribs to get an internal temperature. After about three hours we did our final spritz and checked to see the rib internal temperature, the goal is to get the meat to 180 to 190°F. It is very hard to get an accurate measurement because the meat is thin, the temp it varies from end to end, and bones are a different temp than the meat.  In our cook our temperature was slightly higher as you can see in the image, but not to worry.

6. Remove the ribs from smoker and place on a chopping block. Gently baste the rib with Maple Syrup, be sure to evenly coat all area of the ribs with the Canadian Maple Syrup goodness. After the ribs have been covered with Maple Syrup gently re-apply a small layer of the Rib Formula. Flip the ribs over and apply to back side as well.

7. Since our ribs came out a bit hot for this cook we then wrapped them in tinfoil and placed them in a large covered pot.  Covering the ribs allowed them to retain there moisture and not dry out for serving. We let them sit for approx. 25 minutes.

8. Bring smoker temperature up to 350 and place ribs inside smoker and allow to cook for 5 - 7 minutes.  This raising of temperature will help create a great sticky char on your ribs from the Maple Syrup and extra rub added.

9. Serve!


Prepare Cluck and Squeal All Purpose Honey Bourbon Chicken Legs and Thighs.

1. Season chicken legs and thighs with Cluck & Squeal All Purpose Rub.

2. Prepare honey and bourbon glaze and gently glaze chicken, 

  • 4 tablespoons raw honey
  • 1 ounce / shot bourbon
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice

3. Bring smoker temperature too 375 Degrees Fahrenheit. Place chicken in smoker and allow chicken to cook for approx. 35 minutes.  Use your temperature gauge to check internal temperature of the chicken. Once internal temperature reaches 160 - 165 Degrees remove from smoker.

4. Serve!

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