Smokinwilly Squealer’s Championship BBQ Team Review

Just recently we spoke with the Smokin Willy BBQ Team.  They contacted us in regards to our products and wrote us a great little note.

“These rubs go really great with Pork and Ribs” We found that by adding the Cluck & Squeal rub to our marinades, gives additional flavors to the meat as the rub is absorbed during the marinating process. After marinating our pork for about 12 hours, we apply the all purpose rub seasoning and let stand for 2 to 3 hours before putting in the smoker. The flavor produced by the Cluck & Squeal rub is very unique and has won our team several 1st places in pro-competition. Enough cannot be said about the Cluck & Squeal low salt rib formula, it is truly amazing and blends really well with our own rib glaze producing an awesome flavor profile. We finished in the top 10 Georgia Barbecue Association (GBA) team of the year in 2011-2012 and won the GBA Georgia 2011-2012 State Championship.

My personal review of the Cluck & Squeal rubs is that both deserve five ***** star ratings and each are definite winners on the pro-competition circuit. “Great Products Marc”….Smokinwilly!

Thank you Smokin Willy BBQ Team and keep on cooking with fire.  Do you have a story about our products you would like to share?  Please don't hesitate to reach out.

By Marc Cardinali on

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