Porkopolis EggFest Cincinnati - Ohio

Cluck & Squeal would like to thank everyone who helped make the Cincinnati Porkopolis Eggfest a wonderful event.  So many great people, so much great food, plenty of creative culinary idea's, and a whole lot of fun times, eh!  A special shout out to Eddie Meiner's for his hard work and preparation for the 2014 event, and Chef JJ for his great Seminar's and now stocking all three Cluck & Squeal Rub's.

We would also like to thank High-Que for the new High Heat Gasket Seals and Fire Grate for the Cluck and Squeal Team to test out at home.  For a better look at the quality accessories they offer for your Big Green Egg check out their site  And Mike Chance at, check out some of his amazing innovations for your Big Green Egg, especially 'THE ROSWELL RIG' an amazing double Decker Pizza rack.

Here are our recipes to what Cluck & Squeal served for the event:

Cluck & Squeal Bruschetta


1. Cluck & Squeal All Purpose Seasoning

2. Tomatoes (your choice, Roma, Beef Steak, Better Boy, Burpee, etc)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (we used cold press)

4. French Baguette (or any bread of your choice)


1. Remove core from Tomatoes and cut up into wedges or slices.

2. Take a large flat plat and lightly coat with Cluck & Squeal All Purpose.

3. Layer Tomatoes on plate flat and cover area as much as possible.

4. Lightly coat top of plated Tomato slices with Cluck & Squeal All Purpose.

5. Generously Drizzle Olive oil on Tomatoes try to coat them as much as possible.

6. Allow Tomatoes to sit and marinade for approximately 10 minutes.

7. Slice bread into desired thickness, coat lightly with Olive Oil and do a light oven toast.

8. Place bread on serving tray, and using tongs coat each piece of bread with desired amount of Tomatoes.

9. Serve! 


Cluck & Squeal Sweet'n'Tastey Potatoes


1. Cluck & Squeal All Purpose Seasoning

2. Sweat Potatoes, Yams  (your choice)

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (we used cold press)



1. Cut Sweet Potatoes into desired sizes (Diced, wedges, fries, etc).

2. Place Sweet Potatoes in large bowl and generously coat with Cluck & Squeal All Purpose.

3. Lightly drizzle olive oil over potatoes, remember to toss and re-apply olive oil until potatoes have a light shiny coat.

4. Place in oven or on grill at 400, allow to cook until soft.  Use a fork to test.


More recipe's to follow.


Here are a few pictures from the 2014 Cincinnati Porkopolis Eggfest and around the city, Enjoy!

1. Germania Park, Friday night Eggfest setup.

2. Porkopolis Cincinnati Eggfest, about to start your Big Green Egg.
3. Chef JJ know's how to roll ( and Cook!).
4. 13 Hour slow cook Brisket by Chef Marc of Cluck & Squeal.
5.  Shot's of E.W. from a Himalayan Pink Salt Shot glass, Thank-you Sam Montgomery!
6. Rhinegeist Truth IPA, Damn good IPA!  Thank-you Chris Meiner's for teaching us the Truth.
7. Graeter's Ice Cream, a Cincinnati treat.
8.  Terry's Turf Club, The Red Wine Reduction and Mushroom Cheese Burger!!! One of the best Burger's The Cluck & Squeal Team has had. Go see Kimberly she will set you up right.
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